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Uprise Art at Chelsea Market

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Our offices aren't far from Chelsea Market, New York's wonderful indoor farmer's market-meets-artisanal mall, so I stroll through the shops and food stands pretty often. On a recent trip, I noticed stylized photos of Palm Springs all over the walls. Turns out they're the work of artist Dolly Faibyshev and the exhibition is part of a new collaboration between the market and a noteworthy new gallery.

The gallery is Uprise Art, and it's built around an "invest-to-own" model, in which young collectors can take artwork home and invest $50 a month toward owning the piece. Of course, it's an example of an old idea (layaway!) becoming new again, but I admire the spunky spirit and the fact that founder Tze Chun is trying to make living with beautiful art more accessible to everyone.

Find out more about Uprise Art on their (fab) blog and, if you're a New Yorker, keep an eye out in Chelsea Market for more collaborative exhibits.


Red and White Classic Ride (2011)


poolLeisure Land Pool (2009)



Cactus Mailbox, Palms Springs, CA (2011)


Artwork by Dolly Faibyshev (c) 2013, upriseart