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Bringing the Outdoors In, Beautifully

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David Wiseman Ceiling Installation

I have been seeing more 3D wall coverings used in homes, retail, and hospitality lately so I suspected this would be a rising trend, but I never could have conceived of the fantastic work of David Wiseman. A graduate from my alma mater, R.I.S.D., this Pasadena, CA native showed a love of nature and architecture at a young age, and loved exploring gardens as a kid. His first commission, the "Cherry Blossom Canopy," was a 20- by 20-foot arrangement of branches with porcelain cherry blossoms. Every piece he makes is completely to scale and the design is impeccable.

David Wiseman Ceiling Installation

Since the first commission, Wiseman has created variations of the "Cherry Blossom Canopy" as well as ceilings decorated with pomegranates and vines for private residences and the West Hollywood Library. You can see his Lilies of the Valley draped across Christian Dior store ceilings across the world. His solo exhibition just closed at R 20th Century gallery in New York. I wish I'd found out sooner and could have caught it!

(Photos: David Wiseman)