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Souvenirs from Star Provisions

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On a recent trip to Atlanta, Martha and I stopped in at Star Provisions, a can't-miss local gem. Owned by Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison, the food-hall-style market is like a professional chef's pantry, stocked with the best supplies and gourmet goods around.


I've never left the shop empty-handed, and this time was no exception. I picked up three dozen of these tumblers (above) and have grand plans to use them as sake cups at a party.

Star Provisions Bread

Here, piles of artisan bread with handwritten labels -- rustic and mouthwatering, just like everything else in the store.

Star Provisions

And here's a shot of the interior. Definitely go if you're in Atlanta!

(photos: me, Laura Rubinstein, Star Provisions)

Obsessed: Vie Luxe Candles

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When the new year rolls around, I like to clean up my shelves and drawers: out with old knick-knacks and clutter, and in with the new. One of the first things to go are charred, half-melted candles; it's so nice to start fresh with pretty packaging and clean scents.

My go-to candles are Vie Luxe. Owner Marjorie Gublemann has been profiled in plenty of magazines for her fabulous lifestyle -- including Elle Decor and Harper's Bazaar, which noted her one of New York's "Most Celebrated Hostesses," a fact that both Martha and I can attest to. Her company is a global fragrance empire sold in over 1500 of the world's most high end shops. Each candle is named and scented after dreamy vacation destinations such as Palm Beach, Sardinia, St. Barth's, and Buenos Aires. They're effortlessly chic and appeal to everyone. I highly recommend you get plenty of them; they are the perfect gift for any occasion -- or just to turn an ordinary day into an occasion.

(Photo via Saks Fifth Avenue)


Bring It Home: Color-Coordinated Books

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If you have been on my blog before, you know I am an avid reader. What I may not have mentioned is that the book archive in my office is arranged by color (pictured above: my hard work!). I find it to be an enchanting presentation. If you need to cheat a little by adding more books in your collection, I just stumbled across this brilliant little store on Etsy: Decades of Vintage.

Based in New Jersey, the shop groups vintage books in bulk according to color -- something you could certainly do yourself, but also a great idea for rounding out a collection visually. For your own shelf at home, mix in a decorative accent in the same color scheme to magnify the effect, such as a vase or a frame.

This post on Apartment Therapy also made me laugh. Where do you stand in the great color-coordinating debate?