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On the Radio: Holly Becker from Decor8

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Holly Becker 2012

Stylist and world-renowned blogger Holly Becker called into my show from her home in Germany. World traveler! Her blog, Decor8, is always beautiful and inspiring and I loved chatting with her. Listen to my show every week on SiriusXM channel 110 on Wednesday from 4-5p.m. ET.

What would be your dream decorating project?

I live in Hannover, Germany and there is a freestanding cafe in our city forest, Waldcafe Milchhäuschen, that has been around since at least a century and I dream of someday working with the owners to transform it into a stylish cafe and garden/lifestyle shop. The inspirations for my project would be The Royal Cafe in CopenhagenRosendals Trädgård in Stockholm,Terrain at Styer's in Glen Mills, PA and ABC Kitchen in NYC. I'd want to mix in fresh takes on more old-fashioned German motifs and recipes and prepare food that is light, healthy and delicious, too. As for the structure, I'd love to work with an architect to design a modern building with white 'fachwerk', skylights, transom windows, and lots of exposed beams using northern Scandinavian pine or better yet, pine from the Eilenriede forest where the cafe is located. I imagine brushed concrete floors since it is in a forest and receives a lot of foot traffic from muddy feet and lots of space to eat both inside and out along with community-style long tables that are very typical in German beer gardens using iron and pine, with industrial style lighting overhead. Of course, a wood burning stove would be a must for the Fall and Winter and in addition to German glühwein, I'd like to introduce New England style apple cider as it's hard to find here -- and homemade hot cocoa with marshmallows - of course! I already have the entire concept down - now I just need lots of money and the opportunity - the tricky part!

What’s your favorite color to decorate with right now?

I don't hone in a single color as much as complete palettes - I can easily become obsessed with a palette. I was shopping in Paris this past February at Merci and saw a splattering of orange, rust, gray and mint paint against a gray concrete floor in the women's clothing department -  and then the clothing directly above it had those same colors along with emerald green, peach and metallic copper and a little brass. Ever since March, all I can think about is combining emerald green with a very pale peach and mixing in some charcoal gray, mint and copper with a little orange. I'm thinking to decorate my classroom in my studio space with this palette for my next decorating workshop.


What was the last great book you read?

I recently read, and loved, a book called Woodcut by Bryan Nash Gill and another called One by Victoria Alexander - both were very inspirational and helped me to think in new directions - I didn't expect both books to touch me as much as they did - the inspiration was so random and not what I would normally gravitate towards yet I cannot recommend both books enough. My note: Holly's book Decorate Workshop comes out Nov. 21, 2012.

Who are your must-follow Pinners?

Stylist James Leland Day. I had lunch with him in Paris over the winter and can't get enough of his impeccable style so Pinterest is where I go to see what's on his radar. I also love Leslie Shewring's Pinterest boards - they're gorgeous and inspirational. I really like following @lottaagaton, @taza, @whimsyandspice, @ayu0319, @zooeydeschanel and @photoshome on Instagram.

On the Radio: Kyle Schuneman

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Kyle Schuneman - Author Photo

At 27, Kyle Schuneman has already created a thriving interior design and art direction company for himself. His first book, appropriately called The First Apartment Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces, is a handbook of sorts for small-space dwellers trying to get away from the bachelor pad feel. We chatted about his work wardrobe and the places that inspire him.

What city or destination always reboots your creativity?

Well, I grew up in downtown Chicago, so that’s kind of my hood. It’s a beautiful city for architecture and design.There’s a chapter in my book about it. It’s a big inspiration and I think it’s a really beautiful city and sometimes overlooked.

Nashville Dining Room

What was the last great book you read?

The Steve Jobs book was fascinating because that one guy has touched so much of my life and everyone’s life. I found him really interesting because he’s a flawed person, for sure, but his strive for perfection was pretty impressive. I think so often it’s easy to say “Ok we did the best we could” but that was never his choice. There are these products now that we use every day that are beautiful and functional; I’m still kind of stuck on that even though I’ve read other books since.

First Apartment Book - High Res JPG
What's your go-to work uniform?

Usually a button down, dark jeans, and sneakers. I’m kind of not the designer that you are used to in that regard; I dress like a 12-year-old.

On the Radio: BryanBoy

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Photo courtesy of BryanBoy

Photo courtesy of BryanBoy

BryanBoy (real name Bryan Grey-Yambao) is a world-renowed fashion blogger and style icon. Some consider him the original fashion blogger. We chatted about what he'll be wearing this fall and what inspired the look of his new apartment.

You relocated to New York more permanently this summer. What was your approach in decorating your new space?

I really wanted it to be completely the opposite of me. I love wearing prints, I love wearing color, I love texture, but I just wanted something that feels comfortable and minimal and almost bland. I’m obsessed with beige and off-white and eggshells; the only colors are touches of green and gold.


Fashion week is right around the corner. What can we expect to see you wearing?

A lot of prints and shorts and monochromatic looks. I got some leather shorts earlier this week. Now, that I turned 30 earlier this year, it’s kind of time to tone it down.

Who is your dream interview subject?

Steven Meisel. He’s such a recluse, he doesn’t really go to any events, but I’d love to pick his brain. He’s an incredible photographer and he’s really inspiring.

Is it even more tempting because he's not out and about?

Yes! It’s always like that! In this life, you always want what you cannot have, what you cannot get.

For the longest time...I started my blog in the Philippines, I grew up there, I lived there, and I spent all my life dreaming. Who knew? A lot of things are possible, a lot of my dreams have already come true. You can really make it happen in this day and age.

What city or destination always reboots your creativity?

I really love going to desolate places. I just got back from a trip to Utah and Nevada. Me and my best friend, she lives in L.A., we both flew to Salt Lake City and from there we just spent nine days driving to California. We stopped by all the deserts and the Salt Flats in Utah. it’s really inspiring to go to places where there are no traces of civilization. No paved roads, no water bottles, no human beings. It’s just like…wow, for the first time in my life I felt like I was really part of a bigger world out there.