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On My Bookshelf: Tahiti: Faery Lands

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I got invited to a fabulous Halloween party that was themed to the works of Paul Gauguin, who is renowned for his paintings of Polynesian culture and the people of Tahiti. To draw some costume inspiration, I turned to a book of photographs by Francois Nars, "Tahiti: Faery Lands" (Rizzoli, $100). After looking through it, I couldn't decide which was more hauntingly beautiful -- the beaches and landscape or the people. The photos are so rich and poignant -- take a look at my favorites below and let me know which ones speak to you as well!


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Faux-Bois Furniture

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George Sellers, a sculptor based in Dallas, has launched a line with the David Sutherland Showroom that I am really loving right now. The faux-bois pieces are all white, casted by hand, and absolutely ethereal and striking. Have a look at some of the items that caught my eye:


This lamp is the only part of the collection that can't be used both indoors and outdoors. 

GeorgeSellers9B6A0562 copy

What a gorgeous side table.


I can easily picture one of these in my apartment.

log table 1

See - the pieces work just as well outside as they do inside!

The collection is available exclusively through David Sutherland Showroom.

Kyle Schuneman on

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I met the young designer Kyle Schuneman during a radio chat last year, where we talked about some of his design inspiration and favorite things. He has already made quite a name for himself at age 28, with his own interior decorating and styling company, Living Well, his book "The First Apartment Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces" and now -- his brand new collection at the L.A. based shop The collection has bold, urban and most of all, affordable upholstered pieces that make a hip statement in any living room.

I'm happy to share some pictures of the line here -- see more items and get purchasing information on

477_clean resized

Schuneman_Apt2B_003 copy