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iwishusunon copy

I had the opportunity to meet the Director of IWishUSun, Patrick A. Andrist, recently and I couldn't help but feel connected to their cause.

Patrick A. Andrist and his sister Cathy Boom have started IWishUSun, an organization campaigning against preventable blindness. According to the World Health Organization, there are 39 million blind people worldwide and 80% of them suffer from preventable blindness. Coming from the world of design and fashion, where I rely so much on visuals, I felt so inspired by their desire to change what can be changed.

For every fashionable jacket purchase made through IWishUSun, a donation is made directly to the Islamia Eye Hospital in Bangladesh. You can also make a direct donation if you wish.



168 Euros ($220).

IWishUSun also has a beautiful art blog showcasing some impressive fine art and installation art! Click to see the art.




The Ever-Lasting Loafer

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Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 7.22.34 PM

Good things don’t go out of style, and Gucci’s Horsebit Loafer 1953 Collection is one of them. The loafer was introduced by Guccio Gucci’s son Aldo sixty years ago, marking the family business’ expansion into the realm of footwear. The distinctive Horsebit – don’t call it a buckle or a clasp – tops off the handcrafted leather loafer with signature equestrian style. Worn by the likes of Hollywood legends like John Wayne, Clark Gable, and Fred Astaire, this timeless shoe has endured six decades and it’s still kicking. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the classic loafer will now be available in a bevy of bold new colors, materials, linings and horsebit finishings. Take Gucci’s Facebook quiz to find out which style suits you best. Gucci's Creative Director Frida Giannini explains the loafer's appeal very eloquently:

“The horsebit loafer has lived many lives since its creation 60 years ago, earning itself an important place as a wardrobe staple for both men and women alike. The double-ring and bar motif taken from equestrian hardware remains an icon linking Gucci’s unique history with its modern-day attitude.”

A Rugged Tote Alternative

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My day bag has to be rugged enough to withstand being thrown around on the journey from office to home and back again. Of course, it has to be stylish too (that's non-negotiable). This Meterman's tool bag ($100) from Steele Canvas basket fits the bill perfectly. The interior pockets are meant for a meterman's tools, but they'd also keep my cell phone, camera, pens, and other gadgets neatly organized. Plus, if it's sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of metal tools, it can handle my essentials, and the best part is that is only gets better with age.

meterman_closedNo. 4 canvas is securely sewn around the handmade internal steel frame structure. The inside design has a large pocket on one side and eight small pockets, for tools.  To top it off, each bag comes with two sturdy canvas handles and a leather strap with a brass buckle on the top. I love the contrast of the rich leather and brass buckles to the starkness of the canvas. This rugged carryall is my new must-have.

meterman_open meterman_top_open