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What I'm Buying: Lilly Brush

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It's gotten really chilly here in New York. If you also live somewhere where sweater weather is in full swing, you'll appreciate this great product I want to share with you: the Lilly Brush (,$13). This little tool is not your average lint roller --it's softer, more economical and more effective. It really gets rid of pills and refreshes your sweaters so they look new again. It's tough on the pills and lint but still gentle on natural and fine fabrics. And because it's small and less fussy than ripping tape off of a roller, it's perfect for travel -- just snap the cap on right over it and tuck it into your bag. You can see before and after photos of the magic and purchase your own here. Save your sweaters!


Jewels by JAR

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Although I'm not an avid jewelry collector by any means, I can't help but admire the beautiful pieces made by the well-known, but famously reclusive, Paris-based jewelry designer JAR. Called "the single greatest jeweler of our time" by Ellen Barkin, JAR, named for the designer Joel Arthur Rosenthal, has brought in astronomical sales at recent auctions, and his rare designs are almost exclusively custom. His work is fascinating and inventive, and I can see why his pieces are in such high demand –– they are undeniably beautiful, and less than 100 pieces are created each year.


Unfortunately, it's difficult to see JAR's jewels in person, since they are few and far between and are usually part of personal collections. That is why I'm so excited that the Metropolitan Museum of Art is hosting a retrospective of more than 300 of JAR's works. The exhibit is slated to open on November 20 of this year, and it will be the first major solo exhibition of his work in the U.S.


I am definitely bookmarking this exhibit –– I can't wait to see JAR's fabulous colors and intricately arranged gems in person.

The Beauty of Umbrellas

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Vintage Vogue image 1950s

Along with beautiful springtime sun comes the occasional downpour and every New Yorker knows the dreaded feeling of being stuck without an umbrella when the rain starts to hit. With so many incredible umbrella designs out there now, the umbrella has become not only a necessity, but a style staple for every closet.

One company I love, London Undercover's was established by designer Jamie Milestone in 2008, to bring life to what was once considered a boring, disposable, last-minute item. With all the rain Londoners get, I trust their umbrella instincts. Using age-old techniques and interpreting the umbrella as a canvas for expression, they made the humble umbrella a quintessentially British accessory. I also love this chic polka-dotted option from Drake's London. The handle and tip detach for travel.


Pin Dot Travel Umbrella, Drake's London

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 11.59.10 AM

British Woodland Camouflage Umbrella, London Uncover


Fox Umbrellas, Swaine Adeney Brigg, and James Smith and Sons all create impressive designs, but my absolute favorite umbrellas are by the company Greenhill Industrial Supply. These large, stable, black umbrellas are used by the doormen in my building. They are designed perfectly to fight off the heavy duty weather in New York.


Ladies Malacca Cane Crook Walking Length Umbrella, James Smith and Sons Ltd