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David Austin Roses for Mother's Day

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I don't mind saying that the most charming and exquisite Mother's Day bouquet is indubitably a cluster of David Austin roses. Thoroughly English—but now available for delivery in the US!—these specialty roses are the life's work of hybridizer David Austin, who has contributed more than 200 unique rose varieties to the English gardening scene. Haven't popped a card in the mail? It isn't too late to have a bouquet of these heirlooms delivered to mum's door directly from the prestigious family-owned business.

David Austin roses combine traditional properties such as rich fragrance and densely spiraled forms of English varietals with familiar colors and bloom patterns of modern roses. Martha loves David Austin roses, and doesn't she look at home amongst them in the photo above? It was the cover photo from our June 1997 Martha Stewart Living issue. I especially love what an angelic spectrum of deep pink and blush hues they envelop her in—you can almost smell the roses in that picture!



I made a few arrangements for my own apartment recently featuring the creamy peach "Juliet," raspberry red "Darcey" and magenta pink "Kate." These deeply cupped rosette-shaped blooms have scent profiles ranging from fruity tea to rich and intoxicating Myrrh. What better way to show gratitude for Mom's love, support, and patience than a bouquet of these? If anyone deserves them, it's her!

Keeping Books Alive

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Although books have somewhat been replaced with iPads and other online sources for reading, I find myself continuously drawn to ink and print; the texture of binding, and the delicacy of the paper on the inside.

Paul Vogel, perhaps the best book binder in the country, is preserving an interest in books by embellishing the skin of each book by hand using century old techniques and luxury materials. Based out of East Hampton, his process averages 40 steps (and about 10 weeks) to complete.








Without question when I have books around me I feel completely unrestrained. They are a luxury that helps me travel without moving; a luxury that I'm so grateful we have craftsmen to preserve.

The Great Paint Debate

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There's no quicker -- or more dramatic -- way to refresh a space than to give it a new coat of paint. Big or small, interior or exterior, ceiling to floor ... the options are endless, and often overwhelming. If you're considering a project, or in the middle of one, we're here to help today on Facebook.

Martha Stewart for Home Depot Living Room.

Join me and fellow Martha Stewart Living expert Anduin Havens today from 3-4 p.m. EST, where we'll be live streaming a demonstration and answering your paint and home decor questions (just enter them into the chat stream next to the video player and we'll respond in real time).

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