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Refresh Your Bathroom

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Do you sometimes feel like you're tired of the look or feel of a room, but you're not in a position to completely overhaul the design because you might not have the time or the budget? You can refresh a room by just switching out a few accessories now and then. For example, you can make your bathroom feel new again by swapping out old towels and mats with new ones in a color that complements the season, and upgrading your sink accessories to a matching, modern set. Here are a few inexpensive items I'm liking right now that would work to give your bathroom a fresh look.


This bathroom set has a classic design, but the metal makes it feel modern and sophisticated. Martha Stewart Collection Bath Accessories Metal Collection, $18-$50.


Who doesn't love a plush, comfy new bathrobe? Martha Stewart Collection Robe, $80.


These bath rugs are so soft under your feet, and the pretty jewel tones add a calming effect to the room. Martha Stewart Collection Bath Rugs Cozy Plush Collection, $27-$40.


A new set of rugs needs matching towels, of course. These quick-dry towels coordinate perfectly. Martha Stewart Collection Bath Towels Soft Solutions Collection, $7-$10.

The Ultimate Anti-Slip-Sticker

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Jude in the tub.

I know personally how tricky it can be to bathe a slippery toddler or child. Alexis found the perfect solution and I'm encouraging all my friends who are parents to stick some of these nearly invisible anti-slip patches on the bottom of their tub or shower. They'll keep everyone in the household safe, without taking away from the design of your tub or shower. No special care is necessary; the company says the material is limescale proof and even mold and other fungi can not grow on it -- keeping you and the tub extra clean! Buy them here.


Artwork to Room

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Have a look at designer Lauren Stern's blog. The idea is simple: each day she posts a work of art that looks like a room. I love to see the word of art and interiors come together. Check out the blog here. It reminds me of the post I did last year on art to room.