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On My Bookshelf: Tahiti: Faery Lands

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I got invited to a fabulous Halloween party that was themed to the works of Paul Gauguin, who is renowned for his paintings of Polynesian culture and the people of Tahiti. To draw some costume inspiration, I turned to a book of photographs by Francois Nars, "Tahiti: Faery Lands" (Rizzoli, $100). After looking through it, I couldn't decide which was more hauntingly beautiful -- the beaches and landscape or the people. The photos are so rich and poignant -- take a look at my favorites below and let me know which ones speak to you as well!


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  • Hi Kevin,
    Polynesian culture Is beautiful, interesting book. I wish you can share photos of your Halloween this year. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Regards to Alexis, I hope she will surprise us by posting soon, I really miss her blog and photos of her adorable kids.

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