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Faux-Bois Furniture

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George Sellers, a sculptor based in Dallas, has launched a line with the David Sutherland Showroom that I am really loving right now. The faux-bois pieces are all white, casted by hand, and absolutely ethereal and striking. Have a look at some of the items that caught my eye:


This lamp is the only part of the collection that can't be used both indoors and outdoors. 

GeorgeSellers9B6A0562 copy

What a gorgeous side table.


I can easily picture one of these in my apartment.

log table 1

See - the pieces work just as well outside as they do inside!

The collection is available exclusively through David Sutherland Showroom.

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  • Thank you Kevin
    Love all the George Sellers Faux Bois
    My favorite is the slice table with oxidized patina
    His original creations are amazing

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