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On My Bookshelf: Grand Interiors

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"Grand Interiors" is a book that lives up to it's name both in size –– it's nearly 15 inches tall –– and in subject matter. Photographer Massimo Listri has spent his life photographing the interiors of grand palaces, castles, and architecturally significant buildings around the world. Rather than focusing on the ornate details that fill these awe-inspiring spaces, Listri's photography showcases the imposing beauty of the rooms as a whole, emphasizing their beauty, scale –– and emptiness.


Château de Versailles
Versailles, France

How amazing would it be to travel the world to photograph rooms like that? In his 30 year career, Listri has published more than 60 books in Europe and the U.S. Flipping through the pages of "Grand Interiors" feels as if you're standing in the great halls yourself. ($95, teNeues).

A 1782

Armeria Reale
Turin, Italy


Reggia di Caserta
Caserta, Italy

© GRAND INTERIORS by Massimo Listri,published by teNeues, Photo © 2012 Massimo Listri. All rights reserved.

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