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Cute Puppy Alert! Should I get a Basset Hound?

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I've been thinking about getting a dog for a while now and I've started looking into Basset Hounds. With their big, floppy ears, and lovable faces, Bassets are just so endearing. The breed is great for apartments (with lots of walks, of course), which lends itself to city living. I'm already thinking about names; I like Edwin for a boy. What do you think? Are any of my readers Basset Hound owners? Let me know what you think in the comments below and I'll update you on my puppy search in a few weeks.



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Comments (45)

  • Bassett Hounds are cute. You might want to check out the Pioneer Woman's blog; she has two and mentions them often.

  • Gorgeous! But they do slobber quite a bit!

  • Hi Kevin, Love your blog - Great that you're considering getting a basset hound. But PLEASE consider adopting, rather than purchasing from a breeder.
    You're a thoughtful, kindly guy, and your example of compassion for shelter animals could inspire so many more people to adopt as well!

  • Yes! I think you should get a puppy. I remember when I was over thinking about getting my puppy.....I had never had a dog, etc etc. A good friend of mind said to me "people get dogs everyday....just do it!" As I always say...Leap and the net will appear!

  • I think you're more of a Westie person, the color would go well with your apartment, they require grooming with a variety of cut choices and they're alert, wide-eyed, pert looking, like you. Just my two cents.

  • Edwin is adorable! Some day I'd like a terrier named either Lionel or Armando, also for a tiny NY apartment.

  • Just really think this through. Unless you plan on taking him to work he will be alone all day. What about when you go on all your trips with or without Martha not to mention all of the functions you attend. That's a lot of alone time for any dog let alone a puppy.

  • I have always wanted a Basset Hound as well, they are adorable and seem so gentle. I have never had one of my own, but I know someday when I have one I will be naming mine Lyle. I think you should definitely get one, they seem ideal! I wish you the best of luck no matter the breed you choose. ENJOY! I'm convinced there is no love like that of a dog.

  • Kevin,

    Find a SHELTER DOG!! Is there a Bassett rescue near NYC?? So many young, healthy dogs need new families. And just think what a great "Dad" you will be!!

    SHELTER DOG! SHELTER DOG! You will never be sorry, I promise.

  • Hi Kevin,
    These puppies are adorable. I am a basset hound owner, I have a 4yr old male, Castle. I love the breed, they are excellent with children. My younger children crawl all over him and cuddle him and he loves it. The only 2 issues I have with him are...he needs a bath every week though I hold out to 2 weeks. I don't know if it's just him or the breed, but his coat is a little oily, plus the drool (be aware they drool a bit) so he gets a bit stinky after a week. The other is they can be stubborn. I originally thought this meant hard to train, but that was easy, its making sure it sticks is the issue. He sometimes "forgets" the rules or his training and does as he wishes. So I almost feel I need to reinforce the most important training tips every so often so he doesn't "forget". Good luck and keep us posted.

  • We do hardly any traveling and work much less hours than compared to you. We have three cats, fish, a bearded dragon and two guinea pigs. Oh, and the dreaded mr squeaks. A bird. When we do travel it is hell to find babysitters. No one wants my sons lizard cause roger eats live crickets. The heat regulation is another story. The bird we have to take cause he is used to staying out of the cage during the day and he is nasty. We were supposed to go somewhere this summer but had to cancel cause the lizard was so young. Next years travels means paying two separate people to babysit in their homes. Cats are easy. Litter box, food, companionship. Just make sure you have at least two reliable dog watchers. During your long day, can he go with you. Granted any animal adopted by you will be so blessed and be in so many photo ops. Good luck. Use a shelter. They have so many unwanted. And for Bassett hounds, our friends had one. A little stinky. I thought they were just pigs with their dog. They weren't. Good luck. Oh, dogs are date magnets so have fun. And I haven't had my caffeine yet so sorry for the bluntness.

  • Hi Kevin. I had a basset hound when I was about 12. They are wonderful, wonderful dogs. He had such a nice temperament -- very sweet. However, my family and I lived in a home that a big back yard for him to roam and play in. I'm honestly not too sure about apartment life for these dogs, but I'm sure you'll do your research. And Edwin is an adorable name. My dog was named Davy, after Davy Jones of The Monkees, ha ha! These dogs do have a loud, deep bark, so keep that in mind. If you get one, enjoy!

  • Cute dogs, but when he/she starts slinging slop all over the walls of your apartment, I think you'll regret your decision. I know I did. Also beware, Bassets and all dogs with long, covered ears, are very (and I mean VERY) prone to ear infections, which means plenty of visits to the vet.

  • You travel too much!!!!

    Or get 2!

  • Bassett's are adorable...but check out Beagles also! I have a sweet silly girl named Magnolia Belle, and her personality is endearing. Some beagles are big barkers, but Maggie only barks to let me know there is a bug in the house, she won't go near them, but makes me come take care of it...LOL

  • Hi! I once, also was a basset hound lover, and still love them, but not to own them. They are extremely stubborn and the ears are something you have to keep an eye on, as far as cleaning them. They are prone to infections. And they do like their walks and are bossy with them, if not, the bark is telling you what to do. In an apartment, the neighbors may not look at him as the cutest thing anymore, once they hear his loud bark. Needless to say, when my boyfriend and I broke up, he took the dog and I was happy. Eek, too honest maybe, lol. I LOVE the name!!!! And don't forget they do the picking anyway, if it's meant to be, you will have and enjoy one! Good Luck!!

  • Visit to read about her bassetts. They don't stay cute. Just sayin'.

  • Retired Greyhounds make the best apartment dogs, they love a routine and surprisingly to most people require minimal exercise. We have no garden or yard and our greyhound is a great pet for us, no barking apart from an excited few seconds when we come home and hardly any hair loss. If you get one through the greyhound adoption program they will already be trained so you avoid the 'naughty' puppy stage. They are very elegant looking dogs too, I think you would suit a greyhound.

  • We are true lovers of Basset Hounds! We have never had a Basset pup because our Bassets came to us as rescues. Last year when our second Basset passed away we thought about another breed. We want a dog who would get along with cats, would be good around children, adults and other dogs.Well guess what... we went right back to the Basset Hound. Exactly one yr ago we adopted two "Bagles" They are Basset and Beagle mix. We had two purebred Bassets in the pass. They are very loyal, affectionate, lover of all people(young and old). They are so entertaining! On your worse day they will put a smile on your face and comfort you! They do need exercise, they do shed..lots! They will get into trouble when they don't get attention or exercise. They must always, I repeat always be on a leash when outdoors. They follow their nose and in doing so they tune everyone and everything out! oh and they are stubborn...but respond very well to training esp with yummy treats, patience and lots of love! If you decide on a Basset Hound please think about rescue organization. There are puppies available! Good Luck!

  • Bassetts drool a lot. Be prepared with "drool towels"

  • Hi Kevin,
    Bassett Hound's are so cute, and Edwin is a beautiful name, I love pet dogs.
    I have been searching about, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which is a small spaniel classed as a toy dog. I would love to own one, Love!

  • I have a beagle/basset hound mix named Hinckley. He is a wonderful boy. They have huge hearts and great personalities.

  • The Pioneer Woman has two Bassetts - she can tell you all about them : ) Although I think you should adopt an ex-racing Greyhound - yes they are good for apartments, they curl up real small, and no, they don't need lots of exercise - they sleep 18-21 hours a day. Remember, a race is only about 32 seconds - then they're done, several nights a week. And they rarely bark, and I could go on and on and on.

  • Hi Kevin - We have been the proud owners of 2 Bassett Hounds. One we adopted from the shelter when he was 10 years old ("Fred") and one we adopted from a private individual when he was 1 ("Charlie"). We have always had a sporting dog (labs,etc.) but I was raised with Beagles so hounds are close to my heart. The Bassett is one of the best breeds. They have a personality that changes with their age. At first they are just like any puppy, then they become a very independent personaltiy. But the transition is absolutely worth experiencing!!! The only downfall (which I don't consider) is that they are hounds and need bathed more than another breed would need. But I would definitely suggest you think about this breed - they provide much entertainment. Charlie picks up his own ear and carries it around the house, for example. Good luck to you!!! Let us know how it goes.

  • Hi Kevin:
    Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Get a basset. We adopted a little girl five years ago, she is seven now. They are so sweet and loveable. A basset would be great with Jude and Truman also. Sometimes the nose will get them in trouble because they are great sniffers! Keep us posted!
    Love your blog! Debbie

  • I love bassett hounds, but please note: they like to bay (howl) and preventing them from doing something so instinctive might be wrong!

  • I had a bassett hound and loved her dearly. Something to keep in mind in an apartment...they are hound dogs, and when they get a little older, they will probably bay and howl. This is adorable when you live in a house in the suburbs. Not so sure it's ok in an apartment.

    But otherwise, Daisy was a wonderful, loving, sweet dog. No aggression, playful.
    Good luck.

  • I love,love,love my Bassett Hound. I rescued him when he was three, he's 10 years old now. He's slow, he's bossy, but he's so loyal and loving. If you like to nap, he's your guy. He will always be by your side.A Bassett is a very good choice!

  • Hi Kevin, I love the tan and white Basset Hound the best and I think you would love all of them! After giving Sharkey to Martha, I'm sure you would love an other dog! Good Luck! Dudley Do Right is my 6th beautiful dog I've had over the past 50+ years and I loved them all! I love Martha's sweet dogs F,S,&GK, also! Have fun! Jan

  • Some how I can't see you with a sloppy, heavy dog once the cute puppy phase has past.

    They slobber a lot, they smell, truly where did you get this basset idea?

    I will be alert to name postings, etc.

  • Kevin,

    Great choice. I have had four Basset babies over the past twenty years. They are very loyal and quite smart. Each of my four had very different and distinct personalities. My two boys were very easy going and loved cuddles. My girls were always very busy and quite territorial. The girls were always the boss!

    My current Basset, Pearl is 13. She has a bad heart murmur which is a known issue, but has been well controlled on medication for some years. Make sure to ask about know health issues....most can be well controlled with diet and meds.

    Bassets do shed a lot and my first boy, George was a prolific drooler. My three others were ask the breeder and observe the parents for tendencies to drool.

    I live in New Zealand and flew mine 4 over when we relocated from Hawaii. Several years ago when my last two were getting on in years, I changed their diet to a natural NZ made diet for dogs. They went from old dogs to puppies overnight....we were amazed. So definitely go natural with the food and keep them a bit thin and you will enjoy a long and happy life with a basset hound!

    FYI....The food I chose is called K9 Natural....made in Christchurch, NZ and sold dehydrated in the US...check it out online.

    Good luck with your is always wonderful to come home to a happy face:)

    Kind Regards,


  • Don't let them out without a leash. I have had 6 basset hounds over the last 30 years. They are wonderful companions.

  • Dear Kevin: I too love Basset Hounds . . . they are beautiful and sweet. In the last several months I have become involved in a dog rescue in South Florida. The rescue is unique in that our group literally goes into the Everglades and pulls dogs out that have been dumped by their owners. I think you would be surprised since one would think that only pit bulls would be left by owners in such a vile environment, but we rescue all kinds of dogs . . . big and small, all types of breeds find themselves in this horrible situation. Once the dogs are rescued they are vetted, neutered, spade, chipped, dewormed, de-fleaed/ticked and any other medical care that is needed. They are then boarded or fostered until they are adopted. Amy Roman, President of 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida started this incredible rescue and has rescued and placed over 900 dogs in the last few years. In an effort to ensure that these dogs never find themselves in the same situation, she is very careful and those interested in adopting must fill out a lengthy application and are subject to a home check. We have a Facebook page and also a website. Despite the horrible abuse that has been heaped on these dogs, they are wonderful and amazingly forgiving. I respectfully suggest that you take a look at our dogs and see if perhaps one of them would find a place in your heart. Alternatively, I think it would be great to do a show on this unique and successful rescue. Thank you for your time and consideration. Kind regards, Pamela Monaghan

  • Dogs are wonderful companions! Basset Hounds seem great, and Edwin is a good name. However, I'm a poodle person myself. Poodles are hypoallergenic, easy to train, playful and social. They don't shed - wich means less mess on your clothes and sofas. The smallest poodles will be happy in an appartment (with walks). Poodle fur is quite high maintenance though - so you must either enjoy grooming, or pay a professional

    Also - I recommend taking puppy classes, and read up on dogs body language, first aid and how to train him (there's quite a few philosofies out there concerning the latter).

    Good luck with your puppy search :)

  • Here are some things to consider when thinking about adding a basset hound to your house:

    They shed

    They smell like fritos corn chips

    They slobber and then shake their heads, slinging it onto walls and furniture and your clothes

    They can have a lot of health issues. I've spent $20,000 on my two who are now eleven. They are siblings from a backyard breeder and they both have had back surgery, surgery to remove an eye due to glaucoma, mast cell tumors, and other minor but cumulatively expensive issues

    They can bark and howl a lot, when you're not home

    They will take their sweet time on any walk, so don't walk them if you have someplace you need to be on time

    They will love you fiercely and loyally

    They will increase your friend network

    They will complete your life

    You should think about rescuing an older basset hound rather than getting a puppy, though.

  • They are ADORABLE!!! I have Bichons, not bassets but my aunt and uncle have had them forever. They are wondeful pets the only downside is they do have a "hound" odor to them.

  • Basset hound is spelled with only one T (you have it spelled correctly part of the time in your article). I hope you will please consider adopting one instead of purchasing from a breeder. There are MANY basset hound rescue groups all over the US. Puppies don't stay puppies for very long, and there are so many deserving dogs that need great homes. Please do the right thing--spay, neuter, adopt.

  • Yay bassets, they're so fun!!!

    I was the proud owner of 2 basset hounds for 13+yrs. We lived in a single family home with a yard which was great for their nose, they loved roaming around. Bassets are by nature lazy dogs - until they pick up a great scent. Long walks weren't my dogs things...but then again they had a yard. My Alpha dog, Max, would usually end the walk 5minutes in by laying down in the middle of the street in protest. No amount of treats would cajole him to get moving.

    Be careful of their baying, they do this when they're lonely (and 2 bassets = 2x as much baying, when I thought it would be the exact opposite, so don't go with that theory). So find a way to keep them non-lonely (working from home, doggie daycare, petwalkers) so your neighbors will still love you.

  • Oh my gosh,my daughter had a Bassett and had to get
    rid of it! It shed like crazy and there was slobber
    on the walls!! Every time he shook his head,the slobber hit the walls and furniture! Also,he growled at her
    toddler!!! I would rethink this,I know you have little
    children in your life!!!!

  • I have 2 Basset Hounds. They are adorable. Although, there is hair everywhere all the time. But lots of dogs leave hair behind right? lol They are stubborn at times. Don't make them mad, they will get revenge...When I just had one, (got her at about 5 months old) she chewed my boots. About 5 pair of them! Gotta be smarter than the dog!! A few months later we got another one, and the chewing stopped. She was just They are very good around kids and people in general. I wouldn't trade them for anything!! Oh, and their names? Otis (named after the town drunk) and Elouise, but we call her Ellie! Love my bassets!!!

  • I forgot to tell you. There is a great website called GABR - Guardian Angel Basset Rescue. This weekend is what they call the Waddle. About a thousand bassets will show up to this two day event. It ends Sunday with a parade of bassets through the town. It's quite fun, so if you ever get a basset, Think about going's a blast!! You'd have to travel to Dwight Illinois. Home of the Waddle...LOL

  • Bassets are cute, but they slobber a lot, and they have a very distinctive, musky odor that is much stronger than normal doggy odor. Frankly, they stink. They're also very heavy for their size. A full-sized adult dog can be 70 lbs or more. Be sure you're ready for that commitment before you get a dog.

  • Somehow, it doesn't seem the wisest idea, given the stress of your job, all the seeming chaos at MSO, and your travel. But, if you definitely go forward with the idea, not a little, slobbering basset hound. Get a brown, tawny, or grey standard poodle - so very smart, energetic, clean, easy to train - you could probably take him to the office. And he would go with your decor. they are generally good with kids too. I just love how alert and smart they are. just a thought.

  • Don't do it. I love my basset hound more than anything in the world and wouldn't be without her


    I really hate vacuuming and mopping twice a day and literally scraping the drool off the windows and patio doors.

    Mine is a rescue as the original owner learned very quickly that they are NOT apartment dogs. They have big noisy feet and big noisy howls when left home alone. They are pack animals and need their people around. When we are working long days ours goes off to daycare as i wouldn't have a home left and my neighbors would soon get fed up if she was home alone.

    They are hunting dogs and need a lot of exercise, two hours a day for my dog is not enough. If you let them turn into fat couch potatoes you'll have a basset in a lot of pain and a huge vet bill. On that note, my basset is only five and thank god I have insurance.

    Good luck with the puupy search but unless you have a big yard and are around dont get a basset.

  • Name ? JASPER

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