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The revamped closet is one of my favorite parts of my apartment.

When I started this blog a few years ago, I was in the midst of redesigning my own apartment and wanted to share my experiences with all of you. It was an place for us all to learn from each other and share ideas, and for that I'm supremely grateful. It's been a while since I answered some of your design questions, so I want to know: What do you want from me? I'm ready and waiting for your interior design conundrums, party-hosting hassles, or more.

Email me at homedesign2 at marthastewart dot comĀ and I'll answer your queries in upcoming posts.

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Comments (6)

  • Kevin, you have a lovely apartment, with light beige carpets & upholstery. And you frequently entertain your godchildren, Alexis and her kids, & lots of other families with kids. How on earth do you avoid little chocolate handprints,, candy crushed into the carpet and other stains?

  • Your blog is one of my go-to inspiration sources! However, do you have any suggestions for how to make my large entrance double function as a family room? It is a large, rectangular, sunny room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the garden. Also, I frequently have people over in the evening, after a full day's work, dinner with our families and putting our kids to sleep. So I don't want to cook anything, and we're not really hungry - but I want to serve them something to nibble on while chatting, preferably something stylish and healthy. Any ideas are very welcome!

  • I'm hanging curtains to swag. Where do I place the tie backs?

  • 1. I'd love to know what you've found in designing your apartment that really works well, and what you'd like to change.

  • Kevin,

    I routinely browse magazines and blogs like your to find inspiration. I am currently in the process of designing a new home with an architect. She has mentioned the idea of combining the laundry room with the large walk in master closet. I've seen this before... I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the idea.

  • My family and I are currently renting and will be for a while longer (we are expats living here in the US) and our worst decorating type item that I am having great difficulty decorating around is the living room carpet. It is a black shag (I know) and it is the front room you see when you enter the house. In the room we have a dark brown leather sofa, a chunky white bookcase, a mid tone wood piano, two golden yellow damask covered tufted low chairs and an ottoman. I think it is obvious that we need to layer a rug over it but what sort of rug would be ok to layer over a shag?? Or do you think it would be worth it to replace the carpet if we are going to be here for a few more years? Our landlady would be fine with us doing that. My style leans light and bright Scandinavian/New England/Country/Minimalist and the black shag is killing me!

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