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The Duomo di Orvieto

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DSC05336I swear this is my last Italy-centric post, but I had to share my trip to one specific church while I was traveling through Umbria. Churches in Italy are practically a dime a dozen – you can’t walk through a town center without seeing another beautiful cathedral with towering spires and stained glass. Of course that never stops me from going inside and taking it all in; I can’t get enough of the incredible architecture, mosaics, and friezes, not to mention the stories behind them. Religion is such a huge part of Italy’s cultural history, and their churches are an important physical reminder of that, which is why I love to see as many as possible when I’m visiting. During this visit, however, I came across a cathedral that I instantly knew was special, and I later learned that it’s one of the masterpieces of gothic architecture from the late Middle Ages. The exterior of the Duomo di Orvieto is decorated in gold, which is such an amazing sight to see. Glittering mosaics and bas-reliefs cover the entire façade, and gold details and stunning sculptures are everywhere. I couldn’t stop taking pictures, it was just too impressive. These are some of my favorite shots.

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  • Bravissimo! I did the same thing at Orvieto - and almost missed my ride home. I spent an hour and half photographing/marvelling at the exterior and didn't see it all, invluding your last dramatic shot. It is said to be the most beautiful church in all of Italy, the model for masterpieces to follow - with interior frescoes by Michelangelo.

  • Stunning photos and details from your trip. Thank you for sharing Kevin

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