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Even though the sweltering heat is still holding on, we're into August now, and I'm starting to realize that the end of the slightly breezier summer work schedule is fast approaching. To help me gear up for the fall and a fresh, back-to-school work ethic, I've been looking to beautifully organized work spaces for inspiration. No one does chic, minimal, and clean offices and desks like Martha and the editors of Martha Stewart Living, so I went through some of their tips from past issues and chose a few of my favorites; hopefully they'll get you in a hard-working mindset too.


This bright, clean space is ideal. Everything has its place and there is zero visible clutter. I especially love the widely-set magazine rack on the bottom left –– that would be great for my collection.


Covering clipboards with decorative paper or fabric makes for a functional and pretty organizing tool for important documents and mail.


If you have limited space but need an organized home office, consider a desk that stays hidden when you don't need it. It makes clutter nearly impossible, since everything needs to fold up with the desktop.


Another paper-sorting tool is using paint cans as cubbies for specific documents. Paint cans are cheap at any paint store, and you can easily hold them in place with velcro for an instantly modern filing system.

Get motivated with some of Martha's best home organization tips in our Home How-To video hub.

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