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Cleaning Glass with Sprayway

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The leaded windows on the terrace at Skylands.
We couldn't have streaks obstructing the view! (Photo from The Martha Blog).

With the oppressive heat threatening to melt me, I've had my AC on full blast all summer long. Sure, it feels like an oasis in my apartment, but having to look through my perpetually closed windows has made me all too aware of their many streaks and stains. I hate having to stare out dirty windows, so I've been looking far and wide for the perfect window cleaner all summer long.

A few weeks ago I was able to spend some time at Skylands to celebrate Martha's birthday (check out her blog post about our trip here). It was a fantastic trip; Skylands is always one of my very favorite places to visit . Amidst planning and decorating for Martha's guests and enjoying my time away from the office, I noticed for the first time how pristine the windows and mirrors around Skylands looked. I was amazed (I don't think my windows have ever been that clean) so of course I asked Cheryl, one of the housekeepers, for her secret.


Apparently, she swears by the brand Sprayway for cleaning any and all glass surfaces. It's ammonia free, which is safe for the lead-glass windows at Skylands, and it's completely streakless once applied. All you do is spray it on windows, mirrors, or glass tables, wipe it off with a terry cloth, and dry the surface with a cotton rag. I couldn't wait to get home and test it out myself, and it doesn't disappoint.

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