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Bedazzled Centerpieces

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Good Shepherd Services is an amazing NYC charity that serves vulnerable youth in the city, connecting them to schools and communities to help them take charge of their futures. This past April, I was invited to their annual Spring Party, a fundraising event hosted by Isaac Mizrahi, and I've been wanting to share some pictures of the decor all summer long.


Eric's colors were vibrant on their own; the glitter and crystals only enhanced them.

Eric Beare, a local artist, was asked to create the decorations for the event, and he did an amazing job with sparkling centerpieces that stole the show. Keeping the themes of nature and springtime in mind, Eric collected life-size statues, many of which were intended as garden follies. According to Isaac's instructions, Eric's goal was to make the decor sparkle, and to do so he applied donated Martha Stewart glitter in ombré designs to each piece by hand. The centerpieces were then covered in colored crystals donated by Swarovski, displayed on sparkling black tablecloths, and illuminated by spotlights –– the effect was incredible.


As you know, I'm completely obsessed with bees, so this was definitely one of my favorites.

Each centerpiece was auctioned off to support the charity, and though I didn't go home with one, I was awed by Eric's work and impressed by the dazzling pieces he created. Check out his work here, and for more information about Good Shepherd Services, visit their website.

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