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Behind the Scenes at Martha Stewart Living: Prop Library

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One of my very favorite parts of this office is the prop library. I could spend hours in there just admiring all of the objects that Martha and all the stylists here have collected over the years. I couldn't begin to count the number of pieces we have there –– we've amassed all manner of objects and homewares, all organized by item type and color, cataloged, and stocked on metal racks. There is a bar code system to track and inventory each item, and employees have to sign out pieces in order to use them in photo shoots or television segments. In other words, the space is a literal library, with two librarians who help us find the items we need and keep things in order.

I thought I'd take you all on a little tour of the prop house and document just how colorful and inspiring this tiny corner of our office is. Enjoy your sneak peek into the world of props!

photo 3

Dishes in nearly every style and hue line the shelves of this aisle.


Textiles are organized by type and color. Here is an entire wall of napkins in different shades.


Filing cabinets hold drawers upon drawers of silver. These three drawers contain contemporary and modern silverware, knives and spoons with decorative beveled edges, and sets with a beaded pattern around their handles.

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Comments (7)

  • Hi Kevin, thank you for the tour love the prop library, so neat and so organized. love it!

  • If I could work anywhere in the world, with would be Martha Stewart. She is absolutely someone to inspire to be. She is so eloquent, poised, creative, and ambitious. (Sigh) The prop library would be my literal dream come true. :) Thanks for the viewing!

  • 4th shelf up on the right , I spy my Mottahedeh Vista Alegre Summer Fruit dishes. I have had the 8 dessert dishes for over 25 years, a gift from my husband. Would love to browse that library!

  • wow that's really too good, i liked this place.

  • OMG I wouldn't know what to do with myslef in your office space of heaven! I would just have to move in and call it home! Thanks for the sneak peek!

  • I could spend hours in there! Or days!

  • I would be in heaven wandering around the prop library! It kind of reminds me of the way you have arranged your books Kev. Love seeing the nooks and crannies of the office. Also would love to see pics of Lily Pond Lane and Skylands if you go there this summer. Please tell Alexis I really miss her blog posts!

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