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Designer I Love: Kathryn Ireland

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Ireland in her beautiful and chic Santa Monica home

All the beautiful summery inspiration I've been seeing everywhere reminded me how much I love the work of interior designer Kathryn Ireland. The British-born, L.A.-based designer is one of the most celebrated and influential designers working today, and her interiors are breezy, rustic, and refined; exactly the kind of look I've been loving.


Colorful textiles are a mainstay in Ireland's style. The bedspread and pillowcase in this guest bedroom in her former Ojai home are from her 2012 collection.

Ireland grew up in Britain, and her style definitely reflects her international upbringing. Her work is cultured, eclectic, and a bit bohemian. She blends patterns and bright colors into a beachy L.A. feel, while also incorporating touches of romantic English countryside homes, colorful Moroccan-inspired details, and punchy Spanish flair. Even with such a distinct sense of the cultured world-traveler, Ireland's spaces are personal, livable, and family friendly, so all her designs feel comfortable and individual, never too stuffy or too perfect.


Lovely, eclectic details fill this comfortable and inviting living space

Aside from her active design career, Ireland recently published a new book, Timeless Interiors, not to mention her turn in the fabulous and high-stress reality show Million Dollar Decorator! Check out the show on Bravo and visit Ireland's website for a look into her inspiring interiors and textile designs.


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  • Happy Monday, thank you for introducing Kathryn Ireland to us, I checked her website and love her style and decor. I would like to check her book.

  • Hi Kevin, I read Martha's blog post! Congratulations on being featured on Ronda Rice Carman's book, Designers at Home. I ordered it from Amazon UK and can't wait to have it.

  • I recently purchased Ms. Ireland's book Timeless Interiors. It is filled with wonderful large photographs of her work. I keep flipping through this book again and again. Love her mix of textiles and Bohemian flair.

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