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Artist to Watch: Christopher Owen Smith

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I am completely obsessed with bumblebees, so of course I fell instantly in love with Christopher Owen Smith’s nature-inspired charcoal drawings. His line, Wild Pulp, features the most interesting and lifelike prints of bees (among his other subjects). Smith’s use of charcoal is what is truly unique about his work – it gives his drawings a somewhat smudged, almost messy quality that perfectly captures the fuzzy texture of bees’ bodies and simultaneously works to blur their outlines, freezing their swift movements in time. Somehow, Smith captures exactly what I love about bees in his naturalistic but still playful prints; they are chaotic but beautiful, agile, and lively.


Smith’s line was officially launched in 2010 with a collection of six charcoal drawn card designs, and since then, he has added archival prints, gift tags, and seasonal calendars to his repertoire. In addition to archival prints of his charcoal drawings, Smith creates photographic work with hand-cut paper and bark templates.

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  • Lovely, as an artist on Etsy, I have seen Christopher's work in the past and thought it very innovative. Thank you for spreading the word, I hope this is a regular feature on your blog as I love discovering more artists out there!

  • I am so happy you have discovered Christopher's artwork! He lived in Japan which influenced his minimalist look on his work.
    I own a beautiful Tufted-titmouse he drew - sitting on what looks like snow. He is very happy with your post.

  • Yeah! Christopher's work is not only amazing, but he is one of the kindest people I've had the opportunity to know as a part of the Etsy community. Great feature! Keep up the awesome posts!

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