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On My Bookshelf: Regarding Warhol

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The MET Museum created an exhibition which examines the work and impact of Andy Warhol. If you missed the show, and are interested in Warhol's leadership in the pop art movement - you'll want this book.

The often controversial artist  is known for his pop art works and the immense impact he had on the artists following him. Regarding Warhol is the first full-scale exploration of his tremendous reach across several generations.

Examining Warhol's "sensibility," the book is set-up around five themes: popular consumer culture and tabloid news, portraiture and the cult of celebrity, issues of sexual identity and gender, artistic practices: seriality, abstraction and appropriation, and the role of mixing media in Warhol's work (in his lifetime, Warhol took on film making, publishing, and creation of environments.) Artists have either worked in parallel or developed dynamic new directions using his work as a jumping off point.

Graphic, vivid and informative this book is a necessity for all loves of pop art.

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