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The Ultimate Anti-Slip-Sticker

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Jude in the tub.

I know personally how tricky it can be to bathe a slippery toddler or child. Alexis found the perfect solution and I'm encouraging all my friends who are parents to stick some of these nearly invisible anti-slip patches on the bottom of their tub or shower. They'll keep everyone in the household safe, without taking away from the design of your tub or shower. No special care is necessary; the company says the material is limescale proof and even mold and other fungi can not grow on it -- keeping you and the tub extra clean! Buy them here.


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Comments (4)

  • Those would even be great for older people who sometimes have issues maintaining their balance. A great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  • Author Comment:

    Great idea, Becky!

  • This is a great idea to keep baby safe during bath time and give parents piece of mind that their won't be any slips. Um, how gorgeous is that tub and tile!?

  • This is a great idea thank you for sharing Kevin. Jude looks so cute, Love! Love the bath tub and tiles.

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