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John Singer Sargent at the Brooklyn Museum

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The Brooklyn Museum at night.

The Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston have decided to partner up for an exhibition on John Singer Sargent's watercolors.

The 93 pieces represent Sargent's best work in this medium. Brooklyn is exhibiting thirty-eight watercolors purchased in 1909. The subjects include Venetian scenes, Mediterranean sailing vessels, intimate portraits, and Bedouin subjects. Boston's collection of watercolors purchased in 1912 feature subjects from his travels; the Italian Alps, villa gardens near Lucca, the marble quarries of Carrara, as well as portraits.

It has been a very long time since these works of art were displayed together and once the show is over, it will be a very long time for them to reunited again. If you live in New York, or will be visiting the city between now and July 28th, I encourage you to go. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity!


In a Medici Villa, 1906, John Singer Sargent, Brooklyn Museum


Corfu: Lights and Shadows, 1909, John Singer Sargent, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


The Cashmere Shawl, 1911, John Singer Sargent, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Can't make it to Brooklyn for the exhibit? You can still take in the beauty of Sargent's work in these books:

1. World-renowned art critic Carter Ratcliff's 2001 book "John Singer Sargent" covers the breadth of the artist's career. ($47)

2. The Boston/BAM collaboration is documented in the recently released "John Singer Sargent: Watercolors." ($37)

3. The first in a series of catalogs of Sargent's work, "John Singer Sargent, Complete Paintings: The Early Portraits" examines works from Sargent's early career, when he was still establishing himself in Paris. ($50)

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