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Traditional Irish soda bread is a treat usually reserved for St. Patrick's Day, but it's so tasty I could eat it year-round. Recently, Alexis made me this currant-studded loaf and when I was diving in to eat it, I also uncovered some interesting facts about the recipe.

As is tradition, Irish soda bread is often made with caraway seeds and currants. Did you know that caraway seeds are a spice made from dried fruit of a plant called Carum carvi?

Currants, likewise, are also a fruit. There are two distinct fruits that are called currants. One is dried zante grape, similar to a raisin, and the other is a fresh tiny berry related to the gooseberry. Both caraway seeds and currants are frequently used in baking, such as the amazing Irish Soda Bread Alexis made me. I love this recipe from the New York Times (click for recipe).



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  • It looked so good in the photo that I had to click on the recipe link to get it. Alexis makes great food. I miss her blog, so thanks for sharing, Kevin. I spent some time in Ireland and it was there that I developed a taste for soda bread. Can't wait to use this recipe.

  • Thank you for the pretty and simple post. Beautifully styling! It's so fun and easy to make Irish Soda bread, especially with children, and so delicious right out of the oven! Please tell Alexis to come back! You do a great job, Kevin & your Easter baskets were fabulous!

  • The Irish soda bread looks delicious, Alexis is an amazing cook, Love her blog.
    Caraway is a delicious spice, I love to use it in sweets, teas and main dishes and it is very healthy.

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