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Upgrade Your Sound System

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Design and technology have had their fair share of battles over the last few years; replacing classics with messy wires, and complicated set-ups. Recently, however, a few companies have gotten competitive about creating a system that works, with a refined design. And if you've been thinking about upgrading your dated sound system, now is great time to do it.

Sonos, which Martha nominated for Best Product for the Home in 2012 at the Mashable Awards, and which won the category, has introduced wireless, Wi-Fi connected speakers controlled by your phone. With a 2002 goal to reinvent home audio, reviews and awards have proven that this company can make listening to music not only an experience, but an experience of excellent quality.


Sonos' SUB Wireless Subwoofer, a thirty-six-pound doughnut, brings new dimension to sound minus the vibrations, enabling you to bump-up what tunes you're in the mood for. Or, try the smaller sexier design of the Play: 3 which can easily be tucked out of sight.


While I am not an audiophile, I definitely believe that sounds contribute to the experience of a space, especially if the system has a modern design and easy for the owner to use.

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