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One of Rembrandt's Most Significant Pupils

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In addition to my passion for great design and skilled craftsmen, I highly value fine art. Recently, I've found the delicately composed work of fine artist Carel Fabritius to be contemplative and profound.

This Dutch, Baroque painter of portraits, genre and narrative subjects was one of Rembrandt's most promising and significant pupils and greatly influenced the 17th century stylistic development of the school of Delft. Tragically, Fabritius passed at the age of 32 in an explosion at a gunpowder magazine in Delft, along with most of his work. He was rediscovered and celebrated by Theophile Thore-Burer the esteemed 17th century French critic.

Today his works can be found at theĀ  Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and National Gallery of Art Washington D.C as well as museums in Canada, London, France and the Netherlands. Should you find yourself with the opportunity to view his work in person, I hope you find it just as mediative as I do.



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  • Interesting artist, I searched for his work in London, 2 or 3 of his work found at the National Gallery London, Trafalgar Square. I love to visit this gallery while in London, I will sure check his paintings.

  • Love this post! Add Kimmelman's "The Accidental Masterpiece" to your reading list.

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