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On My Bookshelf: Life In Color

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Color can provoke so many different associations. It's universal.

I find one of the most beautiful things about color is that it's constantly shifting, though we often run through our days without noticing these changes, and missing the experience of beautiful color impressions. It makes me happy to flip through the work of photographers at National Geographic who travel the world and catch these incredible colorful moments we so often miss. The book Life in Color is a collection of these moments.

From scenic views, animals, architecture, fashion, and culture, this collection can speak to each of us and our personal color associations and experiences.

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Comments (2)

  • Looks like a beautiful book, love the images. Happy Monday and a great week

  • I loved your Sirius program today and actually bought the Soiree book for myself. Amazon gave me the opportunity to browse through the book and what a beautiful pictorial and inspiring book. Like you, my home is loaded with books. I am so glad that you are back on radio. I love your show.

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