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On My Bookshelf: American Decoration

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Thomas Jayne’s interiors always send me into deep contemplation on "American Decoration." also the title of his latest book. I’ve come to recognize his mastery of pulling from traditional design and reinterpreting it for a contemporary lifestyle; merging the two in a unique way that few are able to do.

The author, historian, and decorator has a well established studio here in New York City. He complied some of his best projects in this stunning publication. These designs seek a balance of colors, and show a thoughtful consideration of composition. Jayne also has a profound understanding of light as a design element and plays on its intensity.

As a supporter of quality and craftsmanship, Jayne has a few signature elements, including natural materials, handwoven fabrics, and hand-printed wallpaper that make his spaces memorable. Here is a look at a few projects that showcase his style.

rubenstein, AD, Philly

Townhouse, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Notice the 18th century relief over the fountain, and the incredible balance of composition and color.

Jayne17 corrected

Thomas Jayne's Apartment in New Orleans, Louisiana. This main room, features a mural decoration, and a draped table used for dinner parties.

Foley_JAYNE_ 42242 FINAL

Apartment, New York City. This dinning room features multiple collages like the one above by artist James Mont, and nineteenth century English porcelain including two vases decorated with a floral design.


Robert Clepper's apartment, New Orleans, Louisiana. French doors that open onto a courtyard.


Robert Clepper's apartment, New Orleans, Louisiana. The original curved staircase displays small works of art by Damien Hirst, Sally Mann, Cindy Sherman, and Robert Warner.

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