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Carre de Trefles' Good Luck Clovers

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A very thoughtful and kind friend of mine recently gave me an authentic four-leaf clover and I thought I'd share it with you in honor of St. Patrick's Day this weekend.

This lucky charm is from the company Carre de Trefles. Located in Nievre, France they patiently handpicked this beauty off their countryside grounds, and gently treat it to preserve it's original green. Even more impressive, 1/4 of the profits made by Carre de Trefles will go to men, women and children in need of a bit of good fortune.

Although the 3-leaf clover is usually associated with Saint Patrick's Day, as Saint Patrick used the 3-leaves to explain the Holy Trinity, a 4-leaf clover, according to tradition, brings good luck. Each leaf in a 4-leaf clover represents something, the first is for faith, the second hope, the third love and the forth is luck.



If you're looking for a genuinely, lucky gift to give this holiday, I suggest you peruse their website and see what they might have in stock.  Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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