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A Rugged Tote Alternative

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My day bag has to be rugged enough to withstand being thrown around on the journey from office to home and back again. Of course, it has to be stylish too (that's non-negotiable). This Meterman's tool bag ($100) from Steele Canvas basket fits the bill perfectly. The interior pockets are meant for a meterman's tools, but they'd also keep my cell phone, camera, pens, and other gadgets neatly organized. Plus, if it's sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of metal tools, it can handle my essentials, and the best part is that is only gets better with age.

meterman_closedNo. 4 canvas is securely sewn around the handmade internal steel frame structure. The inside design has a large pocket on one side and eight small pockets, for tools.  To top it off, each bag comes with two sturdy canvas handles and a leather strap with a brass buckle on the top. I love the contrast of the rich leather and brass buckles to the starkness of the canvas. This rugged carryall is my new must-have.

meterman_open meterman_top_open

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