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My 1000th Post

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Can you believe this is my thousandth blog post? I love sharing my style picks and inside looks at my life with you all. I started blogging on July 27, 2009 because I wanted to show you all an inside look at my apartment redesign. It has evolved into so much more! When I'm planning for the blog, I tear out inspirational images and stories that I think you'd love and pin them up to my wall. But, I'm dying to know: What would you like to see more of? Let me know in the comments below.

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Comments (20)

  • I enjoy hearing about your apartment, Alexis, her children, your travels. I like it when you talk about your life.

  • The stores and trends you recommend - and your apartment and parties.

  • I really like your "on my radar" posts...I enjoy reading about new products, especially for guys. The Hermes tie post and the running shoe post were great. I also appreciate information about what is on trend in decor since I'm renovating a home. I enjoy both your blog and Alexis' infrequently updated one :) Keep on and congrats on your daily posts!

  • I agree with Joyce, more personal posts - a bit like what Martha does. I would love a return of the offices/desks at MSLO.

  • Congrats! :-) I like reading about your decorating projects, both bigger renovations and smaller projects as decorating for holidays, parties etc. I also like your posts about gifts and giftwrapping (especially your easter baskets...) and your flower arrangements. Quite a few of your blogs have inspired me to do something similar with my own flowers, baskets etc.

  • Congratulations, Kevin! Happy 1000th! I love your blog and Martha's and Alexis'. Hope you continue to post about your fantastic apartment and the wonderful things you find for it - even the cleaning stuff is great. You've inspired me whenever I'm updating my own home. When I'm shopping, I so often think "What would Kevin do?" Keep 'em coming, please.

  • I agree with those who want more of your personal posts. Also like your mentions of products, finds and how-tos. I like your eye and am inspired by your finds and experiences. I probably have read a good number of the 1000 posts. Thank you for them and for the lovely impact that they have had.

  • Hi Kevin:

    I love your blog especially about your apartment at any time of the year, not just holidays. I do not remember seeing a follow up blog about the vase that leaked. You were having your furniture redone and carpet cleaned.

    Love book Friday, and how you introduce us to some high end product.

  • I miss your radio show (and all of the others on the MS channel on XM). I too enjoy reading your personal posts and decorating projects. Some occassional design advice would be welcomed!

  • I enjoy the inside look you give us whether it is through your travels, the parties you hold in your home, your flea market finds, the meals you share with Alexis or Martha, your coworkers desks, your office-really all the things that inspire me to create, design or explore.

  • I like your blogs when you travel with Martha.

  • felicitations!!! Cher Kevin, I read your blog daily. I love your apartment pictures, the office, i'm crazy about your parties, and keep your shopping addresses for my NYC visits ... Personal posts are my favorite. Continuez, vous etes genial !!!

  • WOW Congrats Kevin! 1000 Amazing and Inspiring posts.
    I would love to read about the dinners you host, personal posts, your projects, your great finds, interviews with designers, your travels...
    I would love to read your articles on Martha Living digital issues.

  • It has been such a pleasure to follow your blog. I, for one, enjoy your commentaries on the wide variety of subjects that are your life, your dreams or just things that float your boat. My favorites are those posts that contain photos showing you living large. We all dream but your's seem to come true. Thanks for sharing snippets of your life with us.

  • I like to see where you travel. Great food and restaurants. Your apartment, entertaining, gift giving, your work at Martha Stewart, friends

  • More of your apartment,your parties and entertaining - all are so fabulous!

  • Hi Kevin, congrats.
    I like reading about decorations, dinner events and hosting parties.
    Added with some personal infos, like your faible for camels or some fotos of your appartment, office etc., the blog is really perfect.
    As I like to refurbish furniture from flea markets, a column "before and afterwards" would be fine.

  • yes please more of your apartment status as seasons change. But love them all

  • Congratulations Kevin..I love your blog and devour it all, but I would love to see some "behind the scenes"posts of what happens at work and at home...after all, you have what appears to be a dream job!We (meaning I) would love to get to peek inside the background of your life..thank you for the amazing stuff you have shared for the past 1000 posts and may there be many, many more!

  • Kevin, I love reading your blog and learning about great books on interior design, furniture styles, etc. I learn a lot from you. I also love reading about your style of living, what appeals to you, and lots of colorful photos. I bought the "Le Pen" because of your recommendation and love it. I love pens that write well and are not expensive.

    I asked our local library to buy some of the design books that you recommended.

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