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The Best Birthday Presents

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Ice Cream Cake

Nobody gives better birthday presents than Alexis. Part of her strategy, I have determined, is that she is a great listener. I can mention something in passing in a conversation in June and then the next thing you know, six months later it is wrapped in the most lavish fashion and presented beautifully. This year was no exception. On December 18th I was presented with the most beautiful and delicious ice cream cake, nested in boundless amounts of tissue paper and cellophane, and tied with yards of extravagant double-faced satin ribbon. And, if that weren't enough, a bar cart that I had long ago mentioned I would like for my office (sometimes a martini is an absolute necessity) turned up.

libations cart1

I was absolutely blown away by the beauty and taste of the cake, the chic and style of the bar cart, and the thoughtfulness and generosity of my friend.


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Comments (4)

  • Happy belated bday. Love the cart. This may be a little ball__ of me but can u pls ask alexia to give her blog followers a bd gift and update her blog. It's been over a month and we all have been patient (as a forty plus mom of twins, it's damn hard to raise them but...) we're dying out here. As always, a pleasure to follow ur blog. More organizing, more on ur gorgeous apartment and life. Thanks for book Friday. Brilliant. Excellent suggestions.

  • Hi Kevin, I really enjoyed your tips on Ustream, I wish you can do that more often. Thank you

  • I Love the ice cream cake Alexis made for your birthday and the bar cart is so pretty.
    Best wishes

  • Alexis has wonderful taste in everything she does.
    Your lucky to be her friend!

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