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I've been going to a lot of birthdays lately and it makes me think about the company I keep. I am a Sagittarius and the vast majority of my friends are, also. We're supposed to be optimistic, honest, and intellectual -- and we definitely have a love of travel.

Martha, on the other hand, is a Leo. Which makes perfect sense: the Leo is creative, enthusiastic, and broad-minded. I think that's why we compliment each other so well: Martha is a big-picture genius and I'm analytical and detail-oriented.

Once I dug a little deeper, I found out that there's even more to the compatibility between Sagittariuses and Leos. They're known to instantly build a rapport and both like to live life to the fullest. The Leo is the lion or the leader, where the Saggitarius is the archer, who takes more time to figure out the best approach. They both are fire signs, which makes for boundless energy.

What traits of your horoscope do you identify with?

(Image: vintage constellation map from The Curators Prints).

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  • Hi Kevin, interesting post, as I love astrology and learned about it. Astrology is an art form, a science, amazing. Yes Leo and Sagittarius are good compatibles, along with Aries, Libra, and Aquarius,(we do get along with all signs :) ) Our ascendants are very important and complete our characters. We Sagittarius are very curious, enthusiastic, adventurous, and honest
    Best wishes

  • Hey Kevin, this is an interesting perspective on the personalities of two very talented designers. Does your sign reveal anything about your design tastes or skills? I'm curious to see a follow up on how your horoscope translates into design characteristics. Cheers!

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