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A Beatrix Potter Time Capsule

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Beatrix Potter Picture Letters

As I wrote my thank-you notes for holiday gifts this year, I got to thinking about how rarely most of us send handwritten letters these days. In the age of emails, texts, and Facebook walls, one barely needs to use punctuation anymore, much less actually pick up a pen.

The Beatrix Potter exhibit at the Morgan Library right now, however, is a lovely antidote to all our rapid-fire e-communications. All of Potter's books, including the beloved Peter Rabbit, originated as "picture letters" that she sent to real children in her life. The pages are filled with her lilting cursive handwriting and playful sketches that would, of course, become characters beloved for generations.

I highly recommend bundling up young children and making a visit to the museum -- in addition to the letters, there's also an area filled with Potter's books, perfect for whiling away a winter afternoon.




Beatrix Potter: The Picture Letters runs through January 27. Find Beatrix Potter books on Amazon, or check out ebooks by The Project Gutenberg online, like The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Tom Kitten and The Tale of Timmy Tippytoes (images above).

(Top image via the Morgan Library & Museum)

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Comments (4)

  • My kids love these books, beautiful stories. They had a collection when they were very young.

  • I have been a huge Beatrix Potter fan my whole life and would so love to be able to visit this exhibit.
    I unfortunately live in Vancouver, Canada so the distance to come see it is a little bit daunting. Lucky you Kevin to be able to attend!!

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  • Journaling is a wonderful activity. I keep a sketch book journal. I write sometimes and sketch sometimes. I will also use watercolor pencils and a paintbrush at times. As a teacher, I've always had my students to keep journals and most of them love it. And, when I was a dancer and choreographed regularly, I used a journal to sketch out movements and dances...The Beatrix Potter exhibit looks wonderful. I have a framed print of the Tom Kitten picture above. It touches my heart to look at it. The nurturing posture of the mom and the way Tom is holding his arms and paws. So sweet. Thank you for sharing.

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