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The Possibilitrees are Endless

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While I love and relish the festive smells of having a tree in my house, I have my eye on a Possibilitree for next year. It was first designed and built in 1982 by Richard Babcock, an architect who made furniture on the side. His intention was to come up with an alternative to a regular tree and he made two different versions, one six feet tall, the other three feet. Years later, his daughter and her husband patented the design and are now selling custom versions.


Available in cherry, walnut, or maple, the trees look like they're floating over presents and create beautiful shadows in a room. They are super-easy to assemble and when you're finished, just wrap them up into a bundle for storage. I love the idea of having these trees up for more occasions and decorating them in creative ways. They start at $215.

Photo Source: Mother Nature NetworkHouseology

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  • It is beautiful Kevin. Happy Birthday wish you a wonderful and successful year. Blessings
    Best wishes

  • Wow, unusual trees. I can't help but think Tinker toys when I look them. I think it is Tinker toys that I'm thinking of - those thin wooden sticks. Anyway, just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and I wish you many more. Looks like you got a head start on celebrating yesterday. Continue to have more fun!

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