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On My iPod: Movie Soundtracks

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It’s not always easy to find time to watch a movie, but when I do get an hour or two to unwind, I usually pick something recommended to me because of the visuals.  As a design-minded person, I always hone in on the tiniest details of a set, but I’m especially pleased when the soundtrack is just as great. Here are a few of my favorite movie soundtracks of all time.


When addressing filmmakers who have expert eyes and ears, Wes Anderson has to be first on the list. I could write a whole series of blog posts dedicated to the visual and audio design of his films, but I’ll just focus on his newest release for now. This year, Moonrise Kingdom hit theaters and opened audiences up to the wonderful world of Sam and Suzy. The original score by Alexandre Desplat blends perfectly with featured Hank Williams and Francoise Hardy tunes. The soundtrack reflects the young, innocent, and naturalistic themes of Moonrise Kingdom.


The low-key classic rock songs expertly curated for Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous soundtrack always seem to fit my mood. Considering that this film is about the seductiveness of rock music, one expects that it would have a fantastic soundtrack, and Cameron Crowe does not disappoint.

wY1AsrhhymgxVruhkPtfBoLnUA3I know, I know: Hitch with Will Smith is a little out of left field. But before you completely dismiss this one, hear me out! Hitch is a film that takes full advantage of New York City as a set: scenes are shot in Soho, on the steps of the Met, and all the way out on Ellis Island. Eva Mendes’ character has a beautiful apartment, one that any New Yorker would covet. And the soundtrack is just as fun as the movie itself. This mix of classic Motown tracks and modern pop songs always makes me get up and dance.

Learning to dance in Hitch's mod apartment

Learning to dance in Hitch's mod apartment

Your turn! What are your favorite movie soundtracks?

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  • Hi Kevin, Interesting selection of movie soundtracks. Some of the favorites are, Phantom of the opera, Zorro, Inception. Today was the premiere of Les Miserables in London, the soundtrack was beautiful.

  • What a fun topic! BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S has a perfect soundtrack. Audrey Hepburn's vocal on Moonriver is so heart touching. And, I really enjoy the soundtrack to Urban Cowboy. Years ago,I went to a pre-premier party given by Gloria Vanderbelt's Company at which Johnny Lee and Mickey Gilly played live. Very cool.

  • Love actually soundtrack is my favourite so is the movie especially at this time of the year. As for an all time classic soundtrack it has to be "the sound of music".

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