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What I Learned During the Storm

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Happy Monday everyone -- with the subways up and running we are (slowly) getting back to normal here in New York. I made it through the storm just fine, although I live in the part of Manhattan that was without power for days. Hindsight, of course, is 20/20 -- and now that I can speak from experience, here's my list of essential items to have on-hand during a storm:

1. A battery-powered radio

2. LOTS of flashlights

3. A land line for my telephone

4. A laminated list of all the names and numbers that are in my phone (in case I am unable to access it)

5. Multiple BlackBerry chargers and TONS of extra batteries

6. Handi-wipes

7. A stash of cash in case bank machines don't work

8. Lots of candles of all shapes and sizes -- but one universal color (so much nicer when they're all you've got to look at for hours)

9. These super-cool traveling nylon bags from Muji that Alexis brought over

10. The perfect pair of Long Johns. I'm still looking, so I'd love any suggestions!

11. Saltines crackers

12. Philadelphia Cream Cheese. No matter what happens, Saltines and cream cheese can get you through!

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Comments (13)

  • Hi Kevin, Happy Monday. I can tell from your list it was tough time. I am glad you are safe and back to posting. My thoughts and prayers were with all.
    Best wishes

  • Patagonia makes great "under layers". I have a lightweight set and a heavyweight set. So comfy!

  • Land's End website provides mens silk interlock longjohns.

  • I am glad you are doing well. Let's hope you do not need to use that list any time soon. Although long johns are always good to have around, and you only need to buy them once.

  • I have to say I agree with you on all accounts! I too love cream cheese and crackers! I must also add, due to my Mother-In-Law, whom we care for, we can't go without heat! we will be adding a whole house natural gas generator to our list.

  • Hi Kevin,
    I learnt from our earthquake in 2010 to have a wind up torch in my bedside table. It has a radio and alarm on it as well. That way you don't have to rely on batteries. Most New Zealand homes have survival kits that have all the necessary items to get you through 3 days if there is no power and water. My cell phone is always charged as well. You never know when the next major earthquake will be. I'm glad you all got through this ordeal safely.
    Below is a link to some great longjohns, especially the merino ones. They are in NZ dollars so they could be a good price for you with the exchange rate at the moment. Happy shopping.

  • Perfect pair of LJ ?? perfect 'cause they keep you warm? well what do hunters buy I mean what do their wives buy for them. Where does the mrs Shop? K-Mart sometimes they have a sale too even better right Kev?

  • Kevin, someone beat me to it but i wanted to co-sign the Land's, love, love them....

  • I believe Carhart makes the one piece jobs with the backside drop, can't remember what it's called but am sure you get the idea.

  • L.L Bean makes the Union Suit in red. It's all one piece and it's very warm
    I wear mine at my camp in Maine in the spring and fall when the nights are really cold and I'm nice and cozy.

    Glad you faired well in the storm.

  • I live in Vermont, so long underware is a must. Eddie Bauer makes black silk tops and bottoms. They are light weight, comfotable, easy to launder and last for years.

  • The long under ware at Eddie Bauer's is the best. I live in Vermont, so long johns are a must. These are silk, light weight, comfortable, easy to launder, and last for a very long time.

  • I agree with the Land's End long jonhs, work like a charm and are very comfy. We did 8 days with no power the week before Christmas in 2008, I know the depth of the anguish you and anyone faced with loss of electricity deal with. If I may add to your list, a couple of "luxury" items we found indispensable. A small heater that runs on a small can of propane which can be purchased at WalMart for around $30.00 and our camp stove. We couldn't grind coffee beans, but we could make cowboy coffee and other simple things. My couldn't do without item, a battery operated camp shower. One end of the hose goes into a 5 gallon bucket of warmed water and the other end with the sprayer into your normal shower spray holder. It takes 4 D cell batteries and that little pump may not have the water pressure of Niagara Falls, but it will rinse shampoo out of my hair. No matter how horrible the day may be, feeling freshly showered is a definite boost to my mood.

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