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Sneakers Gone Stylish

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Has anyone else noticed that women (and men) all over LA and New York are running around in platform sneakers inspired by the Isabel Marant style? Sneakers are so stylish now, they're no longer reserved for errands on the weekends. So why don't you ever catch me in them, you ask?

I'm strangely self-conscious about my feet in sneakers -- I think they make them look gigantic. I'll go out on a limb with my olive green New Balances but that's about as adventurous as I get. So here are some of my favorites; I'll never wear them, but maybe I can live vicariously through you.


Take the Adidas Gazelle. I saw them featured in a magazine the other day and love the look, but they remind me so much of my childhood.


I always like high-tops like these Jimmy Choos, but I feel that I'm already too tall and skinny and I think they just elongate me. Something I just don't need.


Of all the popular styles, I am easing into the dark sneaker. These Common Projects sneakers are so comfortable, and classy enough that I could walk into a nice store and not feel like I'm improperly dressed.

How do you feel about style-conscious sneakers for grown-ups?

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Comments (5)

  • I love love love sneakers and have to admit I have more than just a few pairs. I even found some glittery black Chucks for "special" occasions. Huge fan.

  • I live in sneakers and even have a pair of high tops for mowing the grass. I won't spend a lot of money on one pair though because I wear them out so fast. I'd rather have a variety of less expensive ones. I like most dark colors except black. I think The Jimmy Choos would be nice on you but only with dark pants.

  • Thank you for some additional ideas. My son is 15, and I am trying to gently nudge him into something a bit nicer than his favorite Nikes.

  • Hi Kevin, my son would love these options. I love Geox sneakers and enjoy wearing them especially when in London, I Love walking a lot here and they are so comfortable.

  • [...] I recently divulged, I have something of a hang-up about sneakers. So I turned to the best resource I know, Peter [...]

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