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On My Bookshelf: "W: The First 40 Years"

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W’s Editor in Chief Stefano Tonchi has done a bang-up job with this incredible new tome, W: The First 40 Years. Spanning four decades and over 300 pages, it's filled to the brim with beautiful fashion and travel photographs. Once I picked up the book (which is at least 5 pounds) I couldn’t put it down, even as my arms were getting tired. I had to see who was on the next page, what they were wearing, and where they were shot.

One of my favorite aspects of W: The First 40 Years is how some of the older spreads are faithfully recreated in this new edition. The original pages are directly copied with the crease in the middle, with a hint of the preceding and following pages. It creates a sense of context of the time and trends depicted, and conjures nostalgia for those of us who remember coming across the breathtaking spreads when they were first published.

The amazing thing about this book is how perfectly the old and new images tell one coherent story about W. From Jackie O to Kate Moss to Madonna to the Beckhams, each face (and body) featured within the pages is captured with creativity and a hint of mischief (remember then-unmarried Brad and Angelina posing as a 1950s couple?). The volume cements W's cultural and artistic contribution over the past forty years -- and would delight any fashion fan this holiday season.

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