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On My Bookshelf: "Here is New York"

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here is ny

Here is New York (The Little Bookroom, $16) is the quintessential essay for anyone who has lived or loved New York. Written by E.B. White in 1949, this little book constantly reminds me why I love this city, even when I start to get fed up with the madness. New York City is its own crazy place, complete with its myriad of tiny neighborhoods that are worlds unto themselves.

White describes the cyclical relationship I, and most city residents, have with New York. When it’s hard, I want to escape; but when it’s good, I can never imagine myself elsewhere. His view of 1949 New York resonates with me today, especially in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Even with our city at its lowest point in years, we are able to bounce back and restore the place that defines love-hate relationships. Here is New York is necessary in any library, and it's just the thing to tuck into a Christmas stocking.

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Comments (3)

  • Greetings from London! I love love New York, thank you for book Friday
    Have a wonderful weekend. Regards to Alexis! Really miss her posts!
    Best wishes

  • Best author of all time. I loved reading his essays- nyc and Maine when I lived in new york (from Vermont) wish I had been in ny in the 4o's ! Thanks Dale

  • How funny; I just added this book to my ToRead list! I love EB White and had not even heard of the book until I started going back and forth regularly between Tennessee and NYC this summer. Now I will have to move it up the list a bit quicker ;)

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