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No Hard Edges -- or Feelings!

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Know what this is? Neither did I until Martha became a grandmother. Before Jude and Truman's first time over at the apartment, I invested in Safety First Clearly Soft Corner Guards. Let me be clear here: I was a little scared. As an interior designer, I love nothing more than having my furniture unobstructed (and I have seen some terrible child-proofing). But with these clear and soft guards, you don't even know they're there.

The best part is that they unattach and attach very easily. In fact, Jude loves them so much that she sits there and pulls them on and puts them back on -- they're soft, they're like a toy. It's been amazing to watch her coordination develop as she grows. Now when they're running around the apartment I never have to worry. So simple, but so smart.

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  • Someone has you wrapped around her little finger! (yes, those are a great product, but I love hearing your affection for Jude come through in your post)

  • Love these when having kids around the house.

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