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A Color Palette Deconstructed

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Choosing paint colors is daunting for anyone (so many choices! such a permanent decisions!). So every now and then, I try to pull together a palette that speaks to me -- and explain why it works so well in a room. This month, I'm loving the above combination.

This palette started with Purple Heliotrope -- a plummy color that so many people gravitate towards but that isn't always truly livable. In order to make it appropriate for a room, you need Seal (a charcoal gray) to ground it a little. Bayou (a sage green) and Sharkey Gray (a pale gray neutral) let purple become the accent color, and allow you to use it with confidence.

In this case, I think of Sharkey Gray like the friend-in-common who connects two people that would otherwise be strangers. It works with the purple and the green individually, and pulls everything together in a cohesive way. It also works beautifully as an unexpected ceiling color.

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Comments (5)

  • I love your color palette and Wow! Sharkey Gray interesting name and looks a pretty color.
    Best Wishes

  • I would throw in some cream too.

  • Do you remember a Martha Stewart color sold at KMart called VERONICA? I used it in a guest room in my old house and want to paint another room in my new house. Anyway I can find it?

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Tracey,
    Unfortunately, the Martha Stewart Everyday paint line has been discontinued since April 2007. Martha Stewart's current paint color palette is formulated for and may be used in all Glidden paints exclusively at The Home Depot. There are no "like for like" color matches to previous paint lines.

    Thank you once again for your interest.

  • hi...I also love the color Veronica - I had painted my bedroom that color and recently bought a new house and want to try it again - just because Kmart doesn't sell it anymore doesn't mean the formulation isn't still available - any way you could find out & share what the formula was for that color? Thx

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