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On the Runway with Chado Ralph Rucci

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As my chronicles of Fashion Week continue, I'm reminded of the fabulous show put on by Ralph Rucci. He is, without question, a master of the highest caliber in the art of couture.


Rucci's is always one of my favorite shows to attend -- and there's not a lot that can get me out of the house late on a Sunday evening!

This is what is to be found at the end of the runway: A wall teeming with photographers.


I can now die in peace, as I have been photographed by Bill Cunningham.


Pulling back the plastic that keeps the runway pristine until the show begins.


Plastic is off. The show is ready to start!


My favorite look from the show.


This was one of Martha's favorite looks.


Here she is with it backstage, after the show.


The print of this dress was based on one of Ralph's paintings.


Again, a backstage close-up.

And this is what it looks like backstage, before a show.  Everything is meticulously laid out with pictures of the looks and all accessories.

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