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On My Bookshelf: "The Things That Matter" by Nate Berkus

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Pick up Nate Berkus's just-released book, "The Things That Matter," and you will feel like you are having coffee with the designer -- his tone is so intimate and casual. Between the covers, you learn about what has truly inspired him and how much he has overcome, accompanied by photos of his own home and the mementos he keeps there.

For Nate, design is something that should matter: Your home should be made up of pieces of your life and your personal expression. Each feature -- including a sleek Chicago apartment, a Greenwich village townhouse, and a rustic ranch in Texas -- comes with personal stories about his clients and how he infused their lives and personalities into the designs.

Nate isn't saying there are no rules in decorating (he firmly believes in designing to the scale and space of a room), but his larger emphasis on personal belongings and accessories is endlessly inspiring, and provides a warm through-line to each perfectly finished and decorated space.



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  • I just got two books from two authors (fiction). "The Twelve" by Justin Cronin (his continuation of "The Passage"). "The Secret Keeper" by Kate Morton. This is her fourth book and if you read them in order you would see how incredibly an author can grow.
    Two wonderful authors; two escapes from TV and our never-ending election.

  • Hi Kevin:
    We just renovated our offices (down to the studs) and I would like to do a wall similar to your cabinetry and shelves you have on your wall behind your desk. They look great-- so far everything I can find looks cheesy. Can you give me a referral? Are they case goods? or custom?
    Thank you!

  • Looks like an interesting book. I remember him on Oprah and his show, I like his personality and simplicity in design.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend

  • Wonderful book. First time I puchased one you recommended.

  • I adore Nate. I purchased the book and I LOVE it. It is not a book where I just look at pictures, I actually read it. To hear him tell the story about Fernando (his partner that passed away in the Tsunami) made the book worth it! Did I say I love it already? Yep LOVED IT!

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