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On My Bookshelf: "The Life of the House"

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Released earlier this month, Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill’s gorgeous new book takes readers through the historical evolution of English style, and how it's been translated into modern American establishments.  “The Life of the House: How Rooms Evolve” is such a refreshing read because it's so unique from many other tomes that cross my desk: Instead of filling pages with one style, theme, or type of image, Spencer-Churchill expertly curates pictures from both ancient and modern homes to illustrate the transitions in taste and living over time. Whether the picture comes from a 17th century house, or one just built last year, each spread offers tons of inspiration -- and education.


Lady Henrietta sources the most fabulous homes of the English and American countrysides, as well as her own residences in England and Newport, Rhode Island. Broken down by purpose of room, “The Life of the House” gives readers an amazing history lesson -- disguised by interior eye candy that's as regal as Downton Abbey or Scarlett O’Hara’s Tara.


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