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Going Gaga at the Guggenheim

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Fashion week has come and gone, but I wanted to share a few of my highlights from the week.

First up, Coty decided to celebrate the launch of Lady Gaga's new fragrance, "Fame." It was a black tie masquerade ball held at the Guggenheim museum. As you can imagine, it was an entertaining evening -- to say the least.


This is called a step and repeat. When you go to some of these kinds of parties, the press wants to get pictures and interview you. Because the line of press can be quite long, you have to "step and repeat."


The master of ceremonies was world-famous fashion photographer Steven Klein, who happened to shoot the campaign for the fragrance.


The Guggenheim is five stories tall and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. There was a three-story tall screen in the rotunda that was playing the extended video advertisement for the fragrance.


In the middle of the rotunda was a giant replica of the perfume bottle. Inside the bottle, Lady Gaga was sleeping on a bed. The inside of the bottle was the size of a small bedroom.


When Lady Gaga woke up, she came out of her bottle to greet all of her guests. It was a relatively small group of people so most of us got a chance to say hello. After saying hello to everyone, she went back into her bottle to ...


Get a tattoo on the back of her neck!! All of this was projected on the giant screen for anyone who wasn't close enough to see. To say that it was interesting (or at least -- surprising!) would be an understatement.

It was quite a week. More dispatches coming up ...

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