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Dine and Design Spotlight: Rosemary's

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I went to the recently opened Rosemary's restaurant on Greenwich Ave. in New York this Sunday and had a veritable feast -- not only for my stomach (I had the porchetta) but for my eyes (thanks to the enchanting decor). To find out more about this much-buzzed-about spot, I went straight to the source: design dream team Dekar Design.

The firm was challenged to transform an old party store that had been burned by a fire into a village Trattoria. By importing flea market finds, 1920s French lanterns from a municipal building, and tabletops from an old bicycle shop in Springfield, Massachusetts, they created a spacious and comfortable atmosphere that makes you want to sit back and stay awhile. And that was the intention: "We wanted a rustic place that felt comfortable for everyone and felt like it had been there for years," says Caroline Grant, who designed the interior alongside Dolores Suarez.

I asked Caroline for her top 5 tips to bringing this upscale industrial look home:

1. Use greenery. By incorporating more plants into your home, you will immediately create warmth.

2. And reclaimed wood. Contact old mills and salvage companies and get planks of reclaimed wood to use as table tops.

3. Make patterns unexpected. Adding a pattern to unconventional parts of the room creates more dimension and character. Paint a pattern on your existing floors, for example (which is less costly than staining), or on a backsplash.

4. Don't skimp on accessories. Using flea markets to find trinkets that feel authentic to the space will make it feel more "lived-in" and homier.

5. Use lower wattage. It creates a softer light which, when paired with the flowers and plants, accomplishes the restaurant's "outdoor/indoor" feeling.

Need another reason to try the restaurant? Every wine glass is $10 and every bottle is $40. And the chef serves fresh produce grown on the rooftop garden -- as if it could even get better.

18 Greenwich Ave. New York, NY

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  • I ate here as well last week and it is marvelous! The only problem is they do not take reservations, and the wait can be very long and frustrating. Go very early or very late and you'll be fine. Otherwise, go with someone like Martha and you'll be guananteed a table!

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