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Bring It Home: Color-Coordinated Books

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If you have been on my blog before, you know I am an avid reader. What I may not have mentioned is that the book archive in my office is arranged by color (pictured above: my hard work!). I find it to be an enchanting presentation. If you need to cheat a little by adding more books in your collection, I just stumbled across this brilliant little store on Etsy: Decades of Vintage.

Based in New Jersey, the shop groups vintage books in bulk according to color -- something you could certainly do yourself, but also a great idea for rounding out a collection visually. For your own shelf at home, mix in a decorative accent in the same color scheme to magnify the effect, such as a vase or a frame.

This post on Apartment Therapy also made me laugh. Where do you stand in the great color-coordinating debate?

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Comments (6)

  • LOVE this colour coding such a great way to make your home look super chic. i want to try this organizing aswell

  • Kevin, based on your original post some time back I too organized my books according to color and it looks awesome! I used white steel library shelving to frame my tv and then organized the books around the perimeter (similar to how Alex had her shelves in her old apartment)according to an artists color wheel.Def not a color coordinating hater here:)

  • Hi Kevin. What an interesting idea. I take it this means you haven't switched totally to using a Kindle for reading? I love the feel of a book in my hands too much to switch, and now you've given me an inspiration for my own home library. Thanks for sharing.

  • This is beautiful I love your idea and the book archive in your office.
    Hope you are all staying safe. #Sandy my thoughts and prayers are with you all

  • I love the idea of color coordinated books. These different shades of books making the book shelf so appealing.

  • Kevin, it was great to see your color coded library. I have been decorating my shelves by color for quite a while myself. After helping friends and clients do the same and seeing the growing trend I decided to sell decorative books by color online......thus DecadesofVintage.

    I am so pleased and flattered that you like my shop.

    Thanks so much, Nancy

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