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This Week's Discovery: Porcelain Bread Baskets

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Most people think of porcelain as something very precious and even perhaps a little stuffy, but at the New York International Gift Fair a few weeks ago, I discovered an Italian company with an incredibly fresh, ironic take on the material. Based outside of Milan, Seletti is a family-run design house entranced by the "poetics and the production of daily life" and the "continuous journey of increasing our wordly things with the idea of beauty." Lovely, right?

10488_the bin in porcelain_big size

I was particularly entranced by this simple porcelain basket from the company's Estetico Quotidiano line, which reproduces familiar throwaway containers (the milk carton, the water bottle, the aluminum takeout dish) in porcelain and Borosilicate glass. I'm thinking it will be the perfect serving vessel for warm, crusty bread on my Thanksgiving table this year.

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